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Sacramento Bee Reverses 155-year Stand on Death Penalty, Endorses Prop 34

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Spotted on the Huffington Post – by Jeanne Woodford – Posted: 09/17/2012 3:10 pm

When California voters pass Proposition 34 this November and replace the death penalty with life in prison with no possibility of parole, they will make history. But in the meantime, the Yes on 34 campaign is changing the minds of some powerful Californians by sharing the facts about the death penalty’s steep fiscal and social costs.

For 155 years, the paper of record for the state capitol The Sacramento Bee has strongly supported the death penalty — until last week.

The editorial board did not change its stance on the death penalty in absolute terms; they simply concluded that California’s death penalty is hopelessly broken and cannot be fixed, and that it is “time to end the fiction.”

The Bee called our state’s death penalty a fiction because…[for full article: http://defender411.us/S0WEFa ]

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