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CLARAWEB.US / CPDA Member Content – Protected

If you are a current member/subscriber of CPDA, please first log in to see the item you tried viewing. Log in here: http://www.claraweb.us And then click on any links and they will work.

If you know you’re a current member and cannot log in, either email the webmaster at webmaster@cpda.org or use the “Forgot password?” link under the log-in button on the right side of this page and retrieve your password information via an email that will be sent to you.

If you are not a member and you are a defense attorney, please use one of the options below to subscribe.  After completing the process, you will be automatically logged in to this site as a new member.  If you join late in the calendar year, your membership will be activated and applied to the next calendar year

Option #1 – First-Time

Subscriber/Member – One-year @ $50.00

CLARAWEB.US/CPDA Member. Use the link in Option #1 (above) to obtain log-in privileges for access to additional defense-attorney-only member resources located on this site,including substantial streaming video self-study seminars and workshops, electronic course booklets, judicial and legislative update bulletins and practice tips designed specifically for criminal defense attorneys.

*Footnote: For access to the extensive Defenders Motions Bank and Email Discussion List, see instead Option #3 (Claranet) below. If you are a current CLARANET Motions Bank / Email Discussion List subscriber, you are required to maintain current CPDA membership, so you already should have log-in access to CLARAWEB.US (this web site).

Option #2 – Renew your CLARAWEB.US/CPDA Membership for continued access to resources on this site as described above.


Option #3 – Defenders Motions Bank and Email Discussion List System “CLARANET” –  Use This Link (you must be a criminal defense attorney, no exceptions) )

Note: You must be a criminal defense attorney to use any of these options above.

For technical assistance, please feel free to email our technical support at: claratech@cpda.org

Notice regarding availability of CPDA products and services.

Products and services offered by CPDA are for purchase and use only by full-time criminal defense professionals. If you are not a full-time criminal defense attorney or full-time criminal defense professional, you may submit a purchase request via email at cpda@cpda.org. You will be sent a purchase request form to complete and return to CPDA. After submission of the completed purchase request form, you will be notified as to whether you may purchase the product or service in question.

Individuals involved in the prosecution of criminal cases or law enforcement activities may not register for and/or attend training programs, purchase products or services offered by CPDA, or join CPDA.

Additionally, membership in CPDA or purchase of materials, products, training services or other resources produced or offered by CPDA is not available to attorneys who undertake representation of a person other than a defendant in a criminal case where such representation may be adverse to the interests of a criminal defendant and involves legal advice or activity generally associated with that of the prosecutorial function in the criminal justice system. This prohibition does not apply where the attorney in question is representing a victim who is asserting their rights under CCP 1219 and/or 1219.5.