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Other CPDA On-Line Subscription Services

Claranet Subscriber Service:

Claranet is a service that is available to only current members of CPDA who choose to subscribe to the service by paying a yearly subscription fee. The system consists of two main features – a Web-based system that includes a motions bank, research articles bank, California MCLE accredited streaming self-study video and audio programs (hundreds of hours), and membership in an exclusive email-based list server whose list members consist of all subscribers to the service – all criminal defense attorneys. The email system is often referred to as the Claranet List Server, Claranet Email Listserv, Claranet ListServ, or Claranet Email List Serv.

A. Claranet’s Web System. The web service is a private “web site” accessed only by CLARA Internet subscribers, (not visible to the public). The web server includes dozens of web pages devoted criminal defense practice information, legislative efforts, amicus activity, message boards, a products catalog/orders search page, and numerous pages listing practice files that will automatically “download” to your computer when you “click” on their file names. The CLARA Web Server also features our very powerful CLARASEARCH program that enables subscribers to perform keyword searches, via the internet, on over 12,000 criminal defense-related files including case digests, briefbanks, motions, research articles, the evidence, penal, vehicle, health & safety and other criminal practice codes. Additionally, the CLARA Web Server provides access to hundreds of hours of MCLE accredited self-study streaming video and audio lectures selected from various seminars held on-site (and recordded) by CPDA throughout the California.

B. The CLARANET List Server (claranet@cpda.org): The CLARANET List Server is an e-mail distribution server that allows a CLARANET subscriber to send e-mail messages (for example, practice questions) to all other CLARANET subscribers. A subscriber sends one message addressed to claranet@claranet.cpda.org and that e-mail message will automatically be distributed to all other subscribers.. This service also acts as the CPDA “pipeline” by which CLARANET subscribers receive CPDA news, training program flyers, product order forms and product information, membership and other accounting replies.   Use this link to download the Claranet subscriber form: http://www.cpda.org/CLARAInfo/claranet.pdf

Claralaw – Case Law Library Service:

This is an internet-based case-law library of California published opinions since 1934 to present that features pinpoint page cites (pagination that corresponds to the bound printed volumes of the official reports).

The yearly subscription price is $175 per year (equivalent to $13.75 per month). It should be noted that this entire case law library has special “jump links” throughout the entire on-line case law library, meaning that if a previously reported case is cited within a subsequent case you are reading, that citation is a jump link that will take you to that previous case in the library simply by clicking on the link.

The Claralaw service also includes all 29 California codes, non-annotated, and past years entire sets of all 29 California codes for research.

Use this link to download the Claralaw subscriber form: http://www.cpda.org/CLARAInfo/claralaw.pdf


Notice regarding availability of CPDA products and services.

Products and services offered by CPDA are for purchase and use only by full-time criminal defense professionals. If you are not a full-time criminal defense attorney or full-time criminal defense professional, you may submit a purchase request via email at cpda@cpda.org. You will be sent a purchase request form to complete and return to CPDA. After submission of the completed purchase request form, you will be notified as to whether you may purchase the product or service in question.

Individuals involved in the prosecution of criminal cases or law enforcement activities may not register for and/or attend training programs, purchase products or services offered by CPDA, or join CPDA.

Additionally, membership in CPDA or purchase of materials, products, training services or other resources produced or offered by CPDA is not available to attorneys who undertake representation of a person other than a defendant in a criminal case where such representation may be adverse to the interests of a criminal defendant and involves legal advice or activity generally associated with that of the prosecutorial function in the criminal justice system. This prohibition does not apply where the attorney in question is representing a victim who is asserting their rights under CCP 1219 and/or 1219.5.